Quality key cutting services in Belfast

PLS Locksmith is Belfast’s leading specialists and suppliers for replacement keys and lock products from our new store in Northumberland Street next to the Spires Complex. We stock and supply an extensive range of locks and key blanks from many manufacturers for various types of residential and commercial properties as well as office furniture including desks, filing cabinets and lockers.
Our locksmiths can operate a remote service without the need for the locksmith call outs. We make key cuts using the key number and supply them to the customer by post. Once the information is received and the order is placed, your keys are cut and numbered on the latest machines to ensure the highest quality. All our key cutting services are tailored to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Prompt and efficient services

PLS Locksmith can deliver large, bulk orders requiring precision key cutting to the highest standard and with our trademark customer care. Furthermore, we understand the crucial role that keys play in everyday life. Therefore, our Belfast team strives to deliver your order in a quick and timely manner.

Suppliers of high-quality locking products

PLS Locksmith is one of the leading suppliers of the lock hardware and insurance-approved locking products in Belfast, Northern Ireland. From our store in Northumberland Street, our skilled team can advise and dispatch lock products though postage or courier service direct to your door. From commercial and domestic door locking systems to padlocks and home defender devices, we can supply it all. Contact us now.